Northwest United Methodist Church
Wednesday, July 17, 2024


“Friends of Christ”
Northwest United Methodist Church ~ South Bend, Indiana
Our Mission Statement:
(Based on Friendship Ministries)
The “Friends of Christ” Ministry is a non-profit Christian organization that provides support and friendship to special needs adults- those with physical and/or developmental disabilities. Our goal is to encourage creativity, independence, dignity, and community integration to those special adults by sharing God’s love through His message and song, and by enabling our special friends to become an active part of God’s family while meeting their spiritual needs.
What we believe:
       Everyone is created in God’s image and is deserving of
love and respect ~ both in our society and in our churches.
Redemption and Grace are gifts from God that are not
dependent on a certain level of intelligence.
The church is complete only when it includes all of God’s
children and when all people are seen as equals ~
in God’s eyes and in our own.
We are all part of God’s family.